Welcome to Kitty Karma Healing!

Being close to animals is as important to me as breathing oxygen! Animals enrich our lives in such a selfless and loving way, and they give unconditionally of their wonderful healing energy. Which not only creates opportunities for us humans to get closer to their soul, but also our own soul. They create opportunities for you to hear the voice of your heart and what it is whispering to you. When animals and people create strong bonds with each other, then magic happens!

Listening to one's heart, one's soul, has always been important to me. Because life is to be lived by you, and only you know what is right for you. In an age where many of us have a fast-paced everyday life, it can often be difficult to keep the "heart's course". We have appointments to be booked, decisions to be made, and our environment thinks this or that... The noise from the outside world can get loud, and none of us feel good being in the low energy vibration for a long time.

Animals have always helped me when I felt bad, stressed or sad. They are amazing healers and have taught me so much about myself, life and energy. There have been many gold nuggets in my animal family. Hamsters, dancing mice, budgies, rabbits and dogs. I love them all, and they still support me from the other side. But for me it is probably the cats that have taught me the most. See how a cat makes its way through life - it goes completely its own way, on its own terms, without caring what anybody else think. They play and have fun spontaneously and joyfully as if there was no tomorrow. They can be sharp, focused. Sneak up without anyone seeing or hearing them to suddenly be explosive and take a powerful leap. From the 100% dynamic and active "on button" on the cat, they can go to 100% "off" and are completely relaxed and enjoy falling asleep in a ray of sunshine in the middle of the kitchen counter. They are truly here and now. Like all animals. But with a little "extra-everything". Think we can all learn a bit from the cat there.

Kitty Karma Healing works intuitively with healing and energies, and wants to create opportunities for you to find harmony in existence. Be the little piece of the puzzle, helping you create a deeper bond with your animal friend, and hopefully your own heart as well. Kitty Karma Healing wants to empower you to be YOU!

Love & Light!
Carina Roos