Animal Communication

How does your animal see its everyday life?

What is animal communication?

Animal communication is communication between animals and humans that takes place telepathically, and is really not more different than listening to the radio or making a mobile phone call. You don't see the sound waves, but they are still there to pick up, as long as you set the right frequency. The frequency here is telepathic and always goes through the heart! Everyone can communicate with animals, and if you live with animals today, you do it daily without thinking about it, and your furry friend reads you like an open book. But sometimes an animal communicator can be very helpful when you want to understand your animal better. Your friend may suddenly show strong emotions or change behavior in a way you don't recognize. But it could also be an animal that has run away or an animal that has crossed over to the other side that you want to make contact with.

Be mindful about what you're thinking - your animal reads you

Animals are masters at reading energies, which can also sometimes mean that you inadvertently convey feelings and thoughts to your friend that increase a behavior or an energy that does not benefit either of you if you yourself are, for example, out of shape, stressed or not feeling well . The word "not" does not exist in animals. Are you thinking "I wish you didn't pull the leash like that ", what do you think will happen? See the situation you desire and convey it with love. Your animal truly has nothing but good intentions and love to share with you, so it's a win-win-situation that creates a much higher brighter energy around you both.

How does it work?

As an animal communicator, I receive all information such as images, words and sentences, but also as smells, tastes and feelings. Animals have exactly the same emotions as us, they can be sad, frustrated, angry or feel sorrow. But also feel joy, anticipation, happiness and love. Just like us humans, some are shy and may not want to talk much at all, while others are very enthusiastic and communicate non-stop. We are all individuals, which should be respected. Some are downright philosophical and offer insights that are inspiring to say the least, and many animals' sense of humor is truly unbeatable. But there are also many times information that I as an animal communicator do not understand at all, while the animal's owner understands immediately what is meant. I also get sensations of how the animal feels physically in its body. Is there ache or pain somewhere in the body, or maybe it's just that the animal is ticklish or likes to be scratched in a special spot. It is important to remember that if you suspect that your animal is sick, it is ALWAYS your veterinarian that you should contact in the first place. An animal that has had the opportunity to "talk out" usually becomes more harmonious and calm afterwards. Being seen and heard is just as important to all of us. Getting help from an animal communicator usually opens up a deeper understanding and strengthens the relationship between animals and humans.

Your animal is a professional healer 

Animals are not only masters at reading energies, they are also absolutely fantastic healers. They know and feel immediately when you need some extra healing love energy. It may be that you get a real "fur hug" with associated "fur kisses". But it can also happen in a very subtle way as your friend just makes sure to be very close to you to share his or her generous safe love energy with you. They replenish your KI, your life energy. Many times it can also express itself in various pranks and fooling around, all to make you laugh and give you your joy back, if they feel that you have been low in your energy. There are many studies that show the positive effects of having animals in our lives. An example is service animals as they really can do miracles with both our mental and physical health. The presence of animals, and our bonds with them, releases oxytocin in us. This means that we become calmer, experience stress and anxiety reduction, and it lowers our blood pressure. It also increases our social ability and raises our pain threshold. But the amazing thing is that when we spend time with animals, we not only stimulate our own healing process, but also the animal's.

The cat stands out

But there is one standout among the animals when it comes to healing - the cat. Why? Well, a cat can purr. This hypnotic mystical lullaby vibrates at a frequency of 25-150 Hz, which is the same frequency used in sound treatments to heal bones. The frequency increases bone density and thus speeds up healing, but not only of bones, but also of worn muscles and tendons, and can also help counteract inflammation in these. There are also studies showing that cat owners have a 40% lower risk of heart disease which is thought to be linked to the purring that lowers stress levels and lowers blood pressure.​

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