Life energy for body and soul.

What is Reiki?

 Reiki is the two Japanese words Rei, which stands for universal, and Ki which means life energy and corresponds to the Chinese chi or prana in India. Reikin is a soft and pleasant treatment method where you use the individual's own life energy to help the body and mind with a self-healing process. Reiki is not connected to any religion, on the contrary, practitioners are found all over the world from many different countries, ways of life and cultures. Because something we all have in common is that we all consist of and are constantly surrounded by energy. But our life energy needs to flow freely and unhindered in a pleasant way for us to feel good, both in body and soul.

How does Reiki help?

Imagine your own life energy as a river flowing through nature. If your "lifeenergy river" flows very slowly in a flat landscape where the meandering and very crooked river collects twigs, branches and leaves, eventually an obstruction is created that makes it difficult for the water and energy to flow. A blockage occurs. Many physical ailments can therefore often have an emotional cause. Repressed emotions, sadness, stress, anxiety or old painful memories can become blockages in the body. The problems arise when a blockage has been there for a long time, which can cause us to get stuck in a negative thought and emotional pattern, which in turn can manifest as various disease symptoms. The mild and gentle energy of Reiki helps to release these tensions, and when they come to the surface, and you understand your blockage, it is easier to let go of it and free yourself from it. The Reiki energy helps you create balance in body and soul and you can begin to heal. Reiki is a holistic treatment method where body and soul are seen as a whole, so you always treat the whole body even if the problem can be experienced in a limited area.

How does a Reiki treatment work?

A Reiki treatment can be received both via a physical meeting or remotely. The amazing thing is that both options are equally effective. Everything is about energy, which means that you are not limited by time and space. In a physical treatment, the client lies on a treatment bench fully clothed, and the reiki therapist places his hands on, or holds them just above, different points on the client's body. The therapist does not control the energy in any way, but is merely a channel that conveys the energy and lets it automatically go where it needs to go. Because the energy knows where it goes and where it is needed. A distance treatment works in the same way and is just as effective. The client sits or lies in peace and quiet in their own home or in a chosen peaceful place during the treatment. Many choose to light a candle or listen to quiet music at the same time. Afterwards, just as with the physical treatment, the therapist usually communicates with the client what has emerged during the session. Since it is energy you work with, you are not limited by time and space.

How is a Reiki treatment experienced?

The Reiki therapist does not give off his own energy, but only directs the universal energy. The therapist acts as a channel through which the energy flows, to you as the recipient. The energy you receive is actually direct contact with your Higher Self, and in this way you can better hear your inner voice and what your soul needs. How one experiences a Reiki treatment can vary greatly and there is no right or wrong, just your individual experience of receiving the energy. It can also differ from one occasion to another. Many experience deep relaxation and great calmness during the treatment itself. Some feel the energy very strongly and can feel both heat and cold in different parts of the body. Some may experience tingling and prickling in various parts of the body, others experience it as if the air around them becomes crystal clear and easier to breathe. Some feel nothing special at all during the treatment, while others fall asleep. After the treatment, most people feel that they feel more alert and have more energy, and for many, the treatment contributes to increased inner calm and more harmony.

Reiki is healthcare.

Reiki is approved as stress management by the Tax Agency (Sweden). This means that you who have "healthcare money" at work can use it for Reiki treatments. For you as an employer, this means that Reiki treatments are deductible in the same way as, for example, massages.

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