Kitty Karma Healing

- Repaws your soul!


A feeling, a deep homesickness, a nostalgia and a longing - for the place that calls out to your soul.
                           Welsh word and expression



Animal Communication

A way to communicate with your animal via telepathic contact. Animals have exactly the same emotional registers as us humans, and animal communication is a great way to find out how your friend feels, experiences and sees his everyday life.


A soft, calm and relaxing holistic treatment method where universal energy is used to activate the natural selfhealing ability of the person or animal.

Animal Communication

Have you thought about how your furry-, scaly- or feathered friend looks at his everyday life? Do you have a beloved animal friend who has passed away and is on the other side, or an animal that has run away that you want to connect with? Animal communication can be helpful when you want to understand your animal better, and often creates stronger bonds between humans and animals.


Reiki, which is Japanese and means universal life energy, is a holistic treatment method based on the assumption that body and soul are one whole. Feelings and thoughts that we carry with us for a long time can eventually become blockages in the body and manifest both physically and emotionally. In Reiki you always treat the whole and not specific symptoms. So even if you don't know the root cause of the symptom, your body and mind know where the energy is needed, and make sure it gets where it needs to go.


"Have asked Carina to talk to my dog and cat and what she told me she couldn't possibly know as she only saw the animals in pictures. What she told me was 100% correct. Carina is very professional and knowledgeable in animal communication. Highly recommend her"


"I was skeptical at first, but that changed early on already in our first conversation! An incredible experience to get an insight into how our animals actually think and feel. I will never forget when I was told about things that only I and the horse himself knew, moreover, by someone who had never met either of us before. These are memories I will never forget and can highly recommend anyone with animals to try! Awesome and emotional experience that is close to my heart"


"I was very surprised how you could describe the personality of my lizards. Your calmness and voice was very pleasant and reassuring to listen to. I could feel your energy. Have recommended you to many of my friends who have animals. Will definitely let you reconnect with my animals. Thank you for your last call"


"I hired Carina to read our young hunting dog. We received useful information relating to the hunt and also a lot of fun details in general. Carina is so committed, positive and thorough, in everything from the first contact to delivering the result. We are very pleased with everything"


"Carina has spoken to both my cat and horse on several occasions and each time you sit in complete amazement at the things she says about your animal, she is very professional and good at what she does"


Surprisingly spot on! Nice to know what my little darling thinks and likes and appreciates and doesn't. Makes me feel even closer to her.
As we have talked.



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